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Raincity Dance School Policies:


Studio Etiquette 

All students are expected to treat Raincity Dance staff and peers with respect and courtesy during classes and on the premises of Raincity Dance. Any student who fails to comply with reasonable rules of conduct or demonstrates disruptive behaviour in classes will get one warning before being dismissed from the school in accordance with the dropped class fee. 

Class Instructors 

Substitute teachers may be called upon to cover a class for numerous reasons. 

Raincity Dance reserves the right to make changes to the instructors of classes if necessary throughout the year. If you have an issue with a particular instructor please speak to the management about your concerns, however; if you wish to withdraw from the class the dropped class fee will be implemented. 


Proper dance attire allows instructors to observe posture and allow dancers to train safely. All students are required to wear the uniform and footwear as described for each of their classes. Uniforms can be purchased through the RCD registration portal online and picked up at the studio office, or purchased there in person.

Registration & Attendance

Registration & Fees

All students must enrol and complete the waiver through the online registration portal prior to attending classes. 


Tuition must be paid at time of enrolment to guarantee a spot in class. Preferred payment method is e-transfer, we also accept cash or cheque. We do not accept credit card payments.

A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration. Tuition fees are payable in advance of each term on the stated due dates, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Overdue tuition fees may result in the student's not being admitted to class and the inability to purchase recital tickets. 


There will be a $50.00 charge on all returned cheques.


Tuition fees do not include fees for rehearsals, costumes, competitions, exams, workshops or summer school programs. 

Credits on family accounts will be maintained for one full dance season (September - August) following the season the credit was issued. Credits not used in that time will be forfeited.

Cancelled/ Dropped Classes

Withdrawal from classes (dropped class) requires 14 days email notice, the student may continue to attend class in that time period; refunds will be given for classes paid for which fall after the 14 day time period. A full refund will be given if a student withdraws 2 weeks prior to the start of the season, minus the registration fee.

There are no dropped class fees if switching from one class to another.


No refunds will be given for ordered costumes, recital video, competition or examination entry fees. 


Costume deposits will be refunded if student formally withdraws by January 15 of that year's recital. 

Class Placement

Ages are a guideline students will be placed at the discretion of the teacher.

Trial Classes 

You are welcome to try a class before registering, if you continue with the class the initial trial class will be included in your fees. If you do not wish to register for the the class there is no fee for the trial. 


There is a limit of 1 trial class for each genre to a maximum of 3 per student. 

Missed Lessons and Cancelled Classes

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange make-up classes, if they wish, for classes they have missed due to illness or travel.  


Classes cancelled due to weather or other acts of God can also be made-up in an alternate class of same or lower level.


Please contact the office to make arrangements in a suitable make-up class. Missed lessons must be made up in the same term.

Private Lesson Packages, Drop in Packages

Private lesson packages, competition packages, and drop-in packages expire after one year of purchase. It is the dancer's/family's responsibility to arrange their class time.


Private lesson and Drop-in packages are not refundable.

Please give your teacher a minimum of 8 hours notice if you are unable to attend your private lesson or you will be charged for the class.

Exams, Competition & Performances 



The school will prepare one year-end recital usually held in June. Not all classes prepare recital choreography, some classes may be combined to perform a recital choreography at the discretion of the the teacher.


Students not regularly attending all classes at their level are not guaranteed participation in the year-end recital choreography.


Students who do not wish to participate in the recital should notify the office by January 15. If notice is not given, the students will be responsible to pay for the costumes and video ordered for them. Students may continue to participate in classes if they have chosen not to participate in the yearend recital. 


An $80 costume deposit for each year-end recital dance will be invoiced with the Term 2 tuition, should the actual cost of the costume be less than $80, we will credit your account the difference for term 3 fees. Should the actual cost be greater than $80 we will include the balance with the term 3 fees.

The last day to register and be in the year-end recital is January 15. 


Raincity Dance team members agree to the following:

To dance and act as a team player

To keep up good attendance in all required dance classes

To attend all choreography classes

To avoid taking holidays during the competition season (March - June with the exception of spring break)


Additional fees are associated with competition entires, which include the cost per event entry (groups participate in three local events per year), costuming, and Raincity Dance team wear. Dancers should conduct themselves in a professional manner and appearance while at competitions and at all times while wearing Raincity Dance team wear. Solo, Duo, or Trio competition entries are available at at separate rate, please contact the office.


Raincity Dance faculty has the right to dismiss a dancer from the competitive program if the dancers does not fulfil the above obligations. Fees are non refundable past November 31.

Royal Academy of Dance Exams

Students taking RAD exams must take two classes a week in order to prepare for the exam, either in the weekly offered classes or by private class arrangement. Students may not all be ready to take the exam at the same time, the teacher will advise if modifications need to be made.

Exam dates are set by the Royal Academy of Dance and often fall on weekdays. Dancers may be required to miss some school time in order to attend the exam. If any changes are to be made to the exam day schedule there is a $100 fee. 


As a guide students should meet the age requirement in order to take the exam:

Grade 1: 7 years or older

Grade 2: 8 years or older

Grade 3: 9 years or older

Grade 4: 10 years or older

Grade 5: 11 years or older

Grade 6 to 8 and vocational levels: 12 years or older


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