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Raincity Dance

Raincity Dance produces two shows each regular dance season. 

The Highlights show features select performances from some of our competitive dancers. 

Our end of year recital showcases the skills learned in both our recreational and RAD classes. A variety of genres will perform choreography in a theatre setting. 


June 9, 2024



Vancouver Playhouse Theatre

600 Hamilton Street


February 28, 2024



Scoitabank Dance Centre

677 Davie Street

highlights 2024 poster11x17-1.jpg
2024 Raincity Dance Recital Schedule

November 15 - Costume Deposit Due

January 15 - Deadline to decline performance

June 1-2 - Studio Portraits

May 21 - Recital ticket sales begin

June 9 - 2024 Yearend Recital

Stage Rehearsal morning/afternoon 

Recital 4:00pm

Recital Policies
Students will be required to purchase a costume for each routine performed in the show.
All fees must be up to date in order to purchase tickets and/or a digital download of the recital.

Tickets for the show will go on sale in May and will be available until the day of the show or until tickets sell out.

Please refer to Programs and Classes as some classes will not have recital choreography; typically Adult classes, Micro Ballet, Pointe Technique and Vocational Levels will not be included in the recital.

Helpful Info

Refer back to our Recital Information emails:

Recital Info Sheet 1 of 5sent November 14, 2023


Recital Info Sheet 2 of 5 - sent January 9, 2024

Recital Info Sheet 3 of 5 - sent May 1, 2024

Recital Info Sheet 4 of 5 - sent May 31, 2024

Recital Info Sheet 5 of 5 - sent June 3, 2024

Rehearsal Schedule

- Theatre Run Through Times - sent May 31, 2024

Costume Changes

- Costume order for dancers with multiple costumes

 - sent June 3, 2024

Watch Naomi's Hair and Make-up How to Videos:


Stage Make-up tutorial:

Stage Hair - Low Middle Part Bun tutorial:

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