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Regular Season Fee Structure:

The regular dance season runs from September 2023 to June 2024

Tuition for the dance year is divided into installments (or "terms") paid:

Upon Enrolment                       for September 5 to November 30

November 15, 2023                 for December 1 to March 17

March 15, 2024                         for March 18 to June 17

Tuition fees are based on the following rates multiplied by the number of classes in the year.

Regular classes:

30-minute class                                  $14.00

45-minute class                                  $17.00

1-hour class                                        $21.50


Multiclass Rate:

After 2 hours of classes per week or more, an additional 3% discount is applied (compounded) every 30+ minutes up to a maximum of 10 hours per week (rate $12.81/h). 

Siblings Rate:

Sibling with lowest annual fee are discounted 5%

Additional Charges to Expect Each Season:

Outside of the hourly rate, these are the annual fees to expect to be included with your tuition.

Registration fee                                 $25 per student       Billed with enrolment

Costume fee                                      $80 per class            Billed with November tuition

Performance & Videography fee     $25 by per family     Billed with March tuition

Uniform                                              Class dependent     Purchased at your earliest convenience


Should you wish to participate int RAD Exams or Competition, there are additional fee associated.

RAD Exam fee                                   TBA by RAD per student    Invoiced separately in early Winter

Competition Administration fee     $35   per class/ choreography 

Competition Costuming                  TBD by choreographer       Invoiced separately in early Fall

Alternate Fee Structures

Drop in Classes:

Adult Classes - drop in card (10 classes)   $225.00  

Drop in Technique and graded classes     $25.00 per hour - by approval only

Private lessons:

55-minute lesson                                        $60.00

Package of 12 x 55 minute lessons           $648.00



Making Payments: 

Payments can be made by e-transfer to: 


or by cheque or cash at the studio office:

Raincity Dance, City Square 

#163 - 555 W.12th Ave. 

Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

All rates listed are exclusive of 5% GST

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