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Ballet Shoes


Regular classes:

30-minute class                                  $14.00

45-minute class                                  $17.00

1-hour class                                        $21.50

Drop in classes by approval only      $25.00/h

Adult drop in card (10 classes)        $220.00                  

Private lessons:

55-minute lesson                               $60.00
Package of 12x 55 minute lessons $648.00

Annual registration fee                $25.00


After 2 hours of classes per week or more, an additional 3% discount is applied (compounded) every 30+ minutes up to a maximum of 10 hours per week (rate $12.81/h)

Siblings Rate:

Sibling with lowest annual fee are discounted 5%

Competition Administration Charge:

There is a $35 Competition Administration Charge to join each comp class per year.

Registration & Payments:

Enrolement for the 2023/2024 year follows the academic school year. September 2023 through June 2024. 


The Season is divided into three payment terms:

Term 1: September 5th 2023 - November 30th 2023 - Payment due at time of enrolment.

Term 2: December 1st 2023 - March 17th 2024 - Payment due November 15 2023

Term 3: April 2nd 2024 - June 17th 2024 - Payment due March 15 2024

Tuition must be paid at time of enrolment to guarantee a spot in class. 

An $80.00 recital costume deposit will be charged for each class and billed with the Term 2 tuition.

Payments can be made by e-transfer to 

Cheque or cash at the studio office,

City Square 

#163 - 555 W.12th Ave. 

Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

All rates listed are exclusive of 5% GST

Raincity Dance School Policies

Registration & Fees

All students must enrol and complete the waiver through the online registration portal prior to attending classes.

A non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration. Tuition fees are payable in advance of each term on the stated due dates, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Overdue tuition fees may result in the student/s not being admitted to class and the inability to purchase recital tickets.

There will be a $50.00 charge on all returned cheques.

Tuition fees do not include fees for rehearsals, costumes, competitions, exams, workshops or summer school programs. For students who are participating in performances, exams, and or competitions: mock exams, extra rehearsals.

An $80.00 deposit will be invoiced for the yearend recital costume and invoiced with the Term 2 tuition.

Cancelled/Dropped Classes

Withdrawal from classes (dropped class) requires 14 days email notice, the student may continue to attend class in that time period; refunds will be given for classes paid for which fall after the 14 day time period.

No refunds will be given for ordered costumes, recital video, competition or examination entry fees. There are no dropped class fees if switching from one class to another. Costume deposits will be refunded up to January 15 2024 if a student withdraws from the class, If a student withdraws without notice before January 15 2024 the costume deposit is non-refundable. 

Trial Classes

You are welcome to try a class before registering, if you continue with the class the initial trial class will be included in your fees. If you do not wish to register for the the class there is no fee for the trial.

There is a limit of 3 trial classes per student.

Missed lessons

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange make-up classes, if they wish, for classes they have missed due to illness or other reasons. Please speak to the office staff to make arrangements for a suitable make-up class. Missed lessons must be made up in the same term.

Studio etiquette

All students are expected to treat Raincity Dance staff and peers with respect and courtesy during classes and on the premises of Raincity Dance. Any student who fails to comply with reasonable rules of conduct or demonstrates disruptive behaviour in classes will get one warning before being dismissed from the school in accordance with the dropped class fee.


The school will prepare one year-end recital usually held in June. Not all classes prepare recital choreography, some classes may be combined to perform a recital choreography at the discretion of the the teacher.

Students not regularly attending all classes at their level are not guaranteed participation in the year-end recital choreography.

Costumes and recital videos are pre-ordered for each student for the recital. Students must let their teacher know by January 15 of the year of the recital if they will not be participating in the recital otherwise they will be responsible to pay for the costumes and video ordered for them. 

An $80.00 deposit will be invoiced for the yearend recital costume and invoiced with the Term 2 tuition.


Raincity Dance team members agree to the following:

  • -  To dance and act as a team player

  • -  To keep up good attendance in all required dance classes

  • -  To attend all choreography classes

  • -  To avoid taking holidays during the competition season (March - June with the exception of spring break)


Additional fees are associated with competition entires, which include the cost per event entry - groups participate in three local events per year, original choreography or repertoire, and costuming. Dancers should conduct themselves in a professional manner and appearance while at competitions and at all times while wearing Raincity Dance team wear. Solo, Duo, or Trio competition entries are available at at separate rate, please contact the office.

Raincity Dance faculty has the right to dismiss a dancer from the competitive program if the dancers does not fulfil the above obligations. Fees are non refundable past November 31st.

Class Instructors

Substitute teachers may be called upon to cover a class for numerous reasons.

Raincity Dance reserves the right to make changes to the instructors of classes if necessary throughout the year. If you have an issue with a particular instructor please speak to the management about your concerns, however; if you wish to withdraw from the class the dropped class fee will be implemented.


Students will be given a temperature check upon arriving at the studio and will not be admitted if they exhibit a temperature over a measured temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit [38 C] or greater. All participants 6 years and older will be required to wear a face mask during class. They will be given the opportunity to remove mask for high exertion exercises and will be given additional spacing for these types of activities.

Safety information will frequently be updated and posted at the studio and on our website.

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