At Raincity Dance, a strong emphasis is placed on students’ ballet training as it provides a strong technical foundation for other styles of dance.


Our syllabus is that of the Royal Academy of Dance and students may work towards their graded examinations or solo performance awards. As registered teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) our aim is to encourage each student’s development of sound classical technique, artistry and musicality.


Contemporary classes combine elements from a wide variety of dance with changes in rhythm, speed, and direction. Contemporary uses the controlled legwork of ballet, a focus on the torso, floor work, and a quest for emotive expression.


Jazz classes focus on technique, flexibility musicality and performance. A strong ballet foundation is essential for achieving correct jazz technique. By offering jazz and lyrical in addition to ballet training, our students become more versatile, well rounded dancers.


Hip Hop classes focus on rhythm, conditioning and basic street dance elements. Hip Hop classes help to build students confidence and personal expression through dance.


Tap classes will develop musicality and creative expression. Many different styles are introduced including Classical, Broadway and Rhythm Tap. Exercises will focus on coordination, speed of movement, and developing style and sound.


Acro classes combine acrobatic arts with elements of dance technique. Acro classes further develop a student’s strength, control, flexibility and body awareness. We aim to help each student achieve personal success through ability appropriate progressions. Acro workshops will be held periodically through out the season. 


Competitions are a fun and rewarding challenge for dancers who are looking to engage in additional performances and gain insight into their skills from adjudicators with varying backgrounds in dance. Participating in competition groups requires commitment and teamwork from the dancers and their parents.

Dancers are selected for groups dependant on compatible skill levels. Groups will fine tune age appropriate choreography to be entered into 3 competitions for the season running February through May. Solo, Duo, and Trio competition are also an option with the possibility of selecting additional competition entries.

Competition choreography class must be taken in conjunction with regular technique classes for the chosen genre dancers wish to compete in. Dancers may be asked to come for addition rehearsal time if their teacher deems it necessary. Competition dates are set by the event organizers and may be scheduled for any day of the week between the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm. The school will be notified of the scheduled time a few weeks before the competition date and all dancers must be available to compete at the scheduled time for the good of the group.

Additional fees are associated with competition entires, which include the cost per event entry and costuming. Make up and hair styles chosen by the choreographer must be adhered to. Raincity dancers must look the part with Raincity Dance team wear which can be purchased through the school. Dancers should conduct themselves in a professional manner and appearance while at competitions and while wearing Raincity Dance team wear.


  • well organized, family oriented studio

  • small class sizes = more individualized coaching for each student

  • friendly, qualified, and dedicated teachers

  • age appropriate costuming and choreography


We believe that dance helps to:

  • build confidence and independence

  • build self esteem and discipline

  • build social and communication skills by working as part of a team

  • develop a strong work ethic

  • build life long friendships

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